Our vision for you is to know Jesus, find community and discover purpose.
When we are meeting back together in person we will put out more information on Next Steps

Our Next Steps Programme
helps you decide if you want to make C3 your home Church.  
Once you've completed all four steps you're given the opportunity to make a commitment to becoming a member of the C3.

1st Sunday of the month - STEP ONE  - Shared lunch Sunday
Join us for shared lunch Sunday on the 1st Sunday of the month, we love doing life well together!

2nd Sunday of the month - STEP TWO  - Knowing Jesus

What do we believe, knowing Jesus and being a Christ follower

3rd Sunday of the month - STEP THREE  - Finding Community

The story of C3, our culture & values, importance of connect groups

4th Sunday of the month - STEP FOUR - Discover Purpose
What makes you tick?  What is your God given purpose and spiritual gifts? Where can you serve?