Welcome, if you're here reading up on us or you've already been to one of our services or dinner parties, welcome!  

Are you starting to feel at home coming along? Do you get that feeling of belonging, do you sense the Presence of God and His love? Do you feel and know you’re surrounded by familiar faces, family.  Or are you still feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights - struggling to find your place or make connections.

Either way, can we encourage you to come along to our Next Step pathway, where you'll learn all about how to make C3 your home Church, how you can thrive at life following Jesus, discover your purpose and make a difference in your Church, community, marketplace and beyond - are you ready to take your Next Step?

Dinner Parties are the heart of our Church community, they are the way we connect and where you’ll build meaningful relationships with other people who are also following Jesus.  They provide an opportunity outside of our Sunday Church service for people to meet together share a meal, to connect, pray and open the Bible together.

We’d love to help you find a dinner party that fits for you, the best way to get connected in is to our Next Step pathway to find out more.

Thanksgiving Dinner